How We Got Started

We began our journey with the determination of reshaping the concept in which towels were treated as a trivial item and not a necessity. Today, we are progressively closing the gap between our goal and us.

Owing to one of the largest towel suppliers, we have probably the best inventory that incorporates everything from Bath towel, Hand towel, Face towel, Bath tangle, Bath Robe, Spa Towel, Saloon Towel and Tea towel.

Over a period, we have attempted to enhance our assortment greatly and that is the reason each one of our item is revolutionary in their own particular manner.

Subsequently, our research crew is successfully working on fabricating the best texture mixes for various towels.



Emerging with a wide tie that reformed the towel industry, Bath & Mains has forged a (55-year) heritage by taking bold risks and inevitably envisaging what is à la mode. Our trademark/brand is perpetual at its foundation, and our customers realize we are not just serving them for this season — but for their lives and lifestyles.

With this unwavering perseverance towards innovation, we always seek to think ambitiously when it concerns our designs and the strategy we follow to inspirit them. Each new fabric and design is our chance to prevail upon new generations, to show them our vision and how we always remember to progress toward fathomlessness for ourselves, our partners, our representatives and our customers.


BATH & MAINS is exploring the universe of innovation with an on-request manufacturing, a framework with timeless advantages, including narrowing down product stock and product waste, and taking into consideration swift satisfaction and dexterity in meeting customers wants and tastes. As customary manufacturing forms offer approach to new technologies, we seem to be at the cutting edge of what is rising as a progressive new way to deal with addressing the requirements of the today’s customer.


Our ageless style and the durability of our articles of towels imply that customers can use our pieces for ages—which is vital to the Global Sustainability Strategy. We accomplish this through our tireless dedication to unconventional and accountable sourcing, assisting us make our iconic towel products increasingly economical while keeping up our high standard of quality.
We are setting up solid conventions within our own operations and store network to ensure the conservation of environment. We are teaming up together with leading associations and keep on putting resources into inventive innovations that will assist us with lessening our discharges, improve our waste administration.


Having known the source of our raw material and how they are made, acknowledges the quality and sustainability of our product. A Bath & Mains piece exemplifies timeless style and finest quality, made with diligence and artistry by the individuals at each phase of our manufacturing process. We esteem the commitment of the laborers who make our products and support them by ensuring that everyone has the chance to reach their full potential in a safe and pleasant workplace throughout our supply network. We have set up a network involving top notch organizations that share our values and qualities. Our suppliers must satisfy our guidelines for item quality, professional ethics, social performance, and environmental conservation.
We not only aim to enrich the quality of our products but also the nature of work and life for all laborers in our network and ensure the safety of our environment.

Let’s take the next step and work together